Fellow Drivers:

Almost every day, virtually every one of us starts our day out driving to work. And, unless the thorazine dosage is amped up to the point of semisomnambulistic driving, every one of us notices anything from marginal traffic infractions to outright interstate stupidity.

Now I fully realize that many drivers blissfully cruise their way along our thoroughfares, ignorant (a key word here) of others around them, and thus their blood pressure remains at a nice, low, steady level. Others of us, however, pay attention to the road, and as a result, start our mornings with jolts of aggravation sufficient to increase our resting rate beyond the safe level (think Jackie Gleason in Smokey and the Bandit II).

For many months now I have told myself that, as soon as I got to the office, I would sit down and fire up a commentary about the simians-with-licenses that share the roadway with me, but for some reason I become otherwise-engaged with work-related issues (that’s a lot of hyphenated words for one sentence). And, I pondered, would I really have enough to say to merit anything beyond one day’s statement. The answer that finally clicked in my head was – YES!

Therefore, I decided to put fingerpads to keyboard, and begin venting the various pet peeves that strike me daily about those who share the road – perhaps “share” is not the appropriate word. Perhaps “unjustifiably consume oxygen that would be better served in other people’s lungs” would be better. And why do they call them “pet peeves?” I will obviously have to Google that and post at a future date.

In the meantime, I will try to post consistently to this blog – I have no doubt the fuel exists in unending supply to keep the fires burning ad nauseum. And, while we’re talking about pet peeves, viz the title of this blog. I will meander more extensively on this shortly.


c'est moi

PS For those who constantly tell me that I shouldn’t let such things get to me, I should point out that venting is a recognized psychiatric/psychological (I never know which of those is applicable) therapy, decreasing the amount of medication required to lower the aforementioned blood pressure… so shut the hell up…