As I was not forced to get out and mingle among the great unwashed today, owing to the US Labor Day holiday, my blood pressure remained at a reasonably low level. Well, that’s not entirely true – it wasn’t consistently low throughout the day, but I can say that it wasn’t elevated as a direct result of one or more automotive dunderheads.

No doubt, tomorrow will bring forth a spewing of prattle regarding one or more examples of vehicular nincompoopery experienced on the way into work, and thus you will not remain without my rants for long.

Lucky you…


PS One update – I will be traveling to Ireland on Wednesday, chairing a bi-annual event in Co Tipperary through the weekend. The plus side to this is that I will be staying at Cashel Palace Hotel, the former bishop’s residence in that town, and the true origin of Guinness Stout. So, Nirvana for the taste buds. The downside of this trip is that those crazy people will be driving on the wrong side of those ridiculously narrow roads, overly-populated with roundabouts turning in the wrong direction. And I will be driving a standard transmission vehicle with the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car. Just imagine the rants that will result from THAT trip…


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