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No serious ranting today. Just soap-boxing for one of my many CafePress items, created a couple of years ago.

What Part of ‘SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT’ Do You Not Understand?” I think that’s fairly straightforward.

You can get this image on numerous items, from mugs to mousepads to t-shirts to ballcaps to posters, and more. Just visit my item-specific shop HERE.

The image is also available in reverse – you know, in the event the thick-skull, heavily-brow-ridged moron in front of you is actually USING his/her rearview mirror – kinda like when you look at the front of an ambulance and say to yourself “What idiot put those letters on backward?”

Naturally, I would invite you to check out the dozens of other designs I’ve created at the main site – ECLECTICON.

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